The Way Up to Heaven (A Roald Dahl Short Story)

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She was going to Paris to visit their daughter and 3 grandchildren. She was in the car ready to be driven to the airport when Mr.

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"The Way Up to Heaven" is a macabre short story by Roald Dahl. It was originally published in The New Yorker, as were some of the other short stories that. six story house in New York City, on East Sixty-second Street, and they had four of course, that it was wrong and in a way disloyal to have thoughts like these.

Forster said he had a gift for their daughter which he had left in the house. He went back to the empty, servantless house to get it. This delay would surely make his wife miss the plane.

After letting his wife wait anxiously for some time, Mr Foster finally gets into the car with her. As they are driven to the airport, Mrs Foster finds that despite being far behind schedule, her flight is temporarily postponed until the next day due to a thick fog.

Mrs Foster decides to get a room near the airport for the night, but her husband insists that she come home.


The next day while attempting to leave for the airport without her husband, things finally come to a head. After the usual rounds of teasing his wife's delicate psyche, and demanding that he be driven to his club which is in the opposite direction of the airport and therefore complicating the journey to the airport even more , Mr Foster tries to foil his wife for the last time by claiming he has mistakenly left a present for their daughter in the house. Mr Foster insists on looking for the gift himself and goes back inside.

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While her husband pretends to search their six-story home, Mrs Foster finds the present down the side of one of the car seats and can't help but notice "it was wedged down firm and deep, as though with the help of a pushing hand". Mrs Foster rushes to retrieve her husband as quickly as possible, but hears a series of unspecified noises from inside their home and has a sudden change of heart.

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My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class. Email required Address never made public. As she wanders through the house, her husband is nowhere to be seen. She considers getting a hotel room nearby but he insists she comes home and so she does. By: seachanges on April 27, at pm Reply.

Mrs Foster gets back in the car and much to the surprise of the driver, demands to be driven to the airport immediately, stating that her husband will understand and will get a cab to the club instead. Mrs Foster enjoys her time in Paris, meets and gets to know her grandchildren and writes her husband weekly, as promised. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more.

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