The Real Laura Ingalls: Who was Real, What was Real, on Her Prairie TV Show

Facts About Laura Ingalls Wilder And The Real Life Little House On The Prairie
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Laura named him Jasper , and prided herself on teaching him tricks. When Laura brought Jasper to school, Jasper bites Laura on her finger and also bites Jack, and then rushes off into the woods. Laura makes Mary promise to keep it a secret. After a raccoon who the Ingallses all think is Jasper kills some of their chickens, Charles fears that Jack might have rabies and keeps him in the barn.

Mary must then break the news to Pa that Jasper had already bitten Laura, and had promised not to tell. Charles planned to shoot Jack, but before he does, a raccoon shows up who is the real Jasper, and the Ingallses find out it was another raccoon who killed the chickens.

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Laura Ingalls Wilder

Jack is untied and released from the barn, and the Ingalls family embraces their furry friend. Such a choice causes Laura great pain shortly after, as Charles Jr. That Sunday, Reverend Alden has a sermon about miracles, and Laura takes matters into her own hands and decides to run away and pray for a miracle. Laura decides that her late brother meant more to her father than herself, so she pledges herself to God on a mountain, asking to take his place in Heaven, so that the baby might come back to Earth to be with their father. Laura then meets Jonathan , a Heaven-sent stranger who shows Laura how much she does mean to her father.

After endless searching, Charles and Mr.

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Edwards do find Laura and take her home. Laura was immediately smitten with the handsome man, despite his being ten years her senior. These attempts fail for most of the year, although she and Almanzo do become close friends. Almanzo volunteers to drive her back and forth from her job. This is when he begins to see her as a woman and begins to fall in love with her in return. On her 16th birthday, Almanzo presents Laura with a scarf and a kiss.

The two begin a relationship and are quickly engaged.

Who Is Laura Ingalls Wilder?

When Laura chooses to keep ties with her father, Almanzo leaves town angrily. However, through a few twists of fate, both Laura and Almanzo make up in Sleepy Eye some time later. After Charles sees firsthand how devoted Laura is to Almanzo when he was sick, he agrees to let them marry when Laura turns Both Laura and Almanzo agree to this compromise.

Hard truths behind Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie

The two fought constantly due to both of their dominant, controlling personalities clashing. Eventually, Almanzo bought a tract of land on which they could build their home.

Pioneer Girl

Laura's hard work comes to an end by summer when she is let go, and the family begins planning to raise cash crops to pay for Mary's college. Eventually, the railroad company suspends all efforts to dig out the train, stranding the town. Children's literature portal Novels portal. Little House on the Prairie , published in , is the third book in the Little House series but only the second that features the Ingalls family; it continues directly the story of the inaugural novel, Little House in the Big Woods. The cousins come for Christmas that year, and Laura receives a doll, which she names Charlotte. The unpleasant character Nellie Oleson, meanwhile, is revealed by the memoir to be an amalgam of three disagreeable people Wilder knew as a child. Giants, bats, late-night robberies, black capes - could it really be a vampire?

However, Almanzo had been cheated and was forced to sell the land back, putting all hopes for a marriage off. Even after their marriage, Laura and Almanzo continued to fight, especially after Laura began suspecting Almanzo of having a love affair with an old school acquaintance. But Almanzo had not been cheating after all, and the two began settling in to a loving relationship.

After a year, Laura becomes pregnant, to which Almanzo reacts enthusiastically. However, there are tough times ahead: Almanzo develops diphtheria, which leaves him paralyzed below the waist.

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He initially refuses physical therapy and instead chooses to wallow in self-pity. Laura goes into labor despite this, and gives birth to a daughter, Rose Wilder , over which Almanzo sulks even more. Soon, their house is torn down in a tornado, and it is only after Laura herself gives up, that Almanzo finds the will and the inspiration to re-teach himself to walk.

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Royal died leaving Jenny an orphan. Almanzo and Laura then decide to adopt Jenny. Melissa was the child counterpart to Michael the adult.

So the two of them when they would act together you absolutely felt that they were father and daughter, and you absolutely felt the camaraderie between the two of them. They laughed together, they had great fun together, and they really loved each other. Laura was portrayed by Melissa Gilbert throughout the series.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Laura ultimately decided to alter her age a bit and switched up a few of the states they lived in, but it all rang true to her real upbringing. The Ingalls were living in South Dakota during one of the harshest winters in recorded history during Unfortunately, had it been scarlet fever, she would have likely only dealt with blindness temporarily.

The book details how terrifying it was to have them take everything and to even cling to the clothes they were wearing, which ultimately inspired the family to move on to another location.

She was able to pass the exam to become a teacher at just 15 years old. Just like on the show, Almanzo was tasked with driving Laura to her teaching job. However, just like they showed on the series, the illness caused Manly to suffer a life-threatening stroke that nearly ended their time together when it had just begun.


Without a formal education, she likely relied on her daughter to help her create such a vivid portrayal of her life. Thank you! Get the best LittleThings.