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Baseball illegal on Sunday afternoons? Pa. legislators target ‘blue laws’ and other outdated rules.
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It was also featured on the programme in , and before a hiatus until when it returned. Outdoor and indoor target archery includes individual, team and mixed team competitions at international events. World Archery also recognises a number of competition rounds not or no longer used at international events. Athletes shoot a qualification or ranking round to ascertain seedings in their division: bowstyle and gender.

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The ranking round consists of 72 arrows outdoors or 60 arrows indoors, cumulatively scored. The athlete in each division who finishes with the most points is given the top seed, the athletes with the least the lowest seed. Athletes then advance to eliminations and finals of head-to-head matches shot in brackets. In indoor competition, only the top 32 seeded athletes advance.

In outdoor competition, the top seeded athletes advance, while the top eight seeded athletes are given an automatic bye into the third round. Recurve matches are decided using the set system. Athletes receive two set points for winning each set of three arrows.

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If both athletes score the same in a three-arrow set, they both receive one set point. The first athlete to reach six set points wins the match. Compound matches are decided using cumulative scoring. Athletes shoot 15 arrows in five ends of three arrows. The athlete with the highest arrow score wins the match.


If a recurve match is tied on five set points or a compound match is tied on cumulative score then the match is decided in a single-arrow shoot-off. Each athlete shoots one arrow and the arrow that lands closest to the middle wins the match, except outdoors where if both recurve archers shoot a 10 or both compound archers shoot an X10 then a second shoot-off is required.

The elimination brackets advance until there are four athletes remaining to shoot the semifinals. The losers of the two semifinals compete in a bronze medal match while the winners of the two semifinals compete in the gold medal match to decide who wins the tournament.

PA Lawmakers Target Antiquated “Blue Laws”

Teams comprise three athletes of the same division. It is usually the top scoring three athletes in qualification, however team managers may choose to substitute athletes. Mixed teams comprise two athletes of the same bowstyle, one of each gender.

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It is usually the highest scoring athlete of each gender in qualification, however team managers may choose to substitute athletes. Teams and mixed teams are seeded for their elimination matches using the total of the individual ranking round scores of their athletes.

Recurve team and mixed team matches are decided using the set system. Teams receive two set points for winning each set of six arrows two each ; mixed teams receive two set points for winning each set of four arrows two each. If both teams or mixed teams score the same in a six- or four-arrow set, they both receive one set point.

The first team or mixed team to reach five set points wins the match. Compound team and mixed team matches are decided using cumulative scoring.

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Teams shoot 24 arrows in four ends of six arrows; the team with the highest arrow total wins the match. Mixed teams shoot 16 arrows in four ends of four arrows; the mixed team with the highest arrow total wins the match.

On the road with the police car-detecting Target Blu Eye device

It also reveals when ambulances and fire engines are near. The maker claims that it is useful for telling drivers that an emergency vehicle needs to overtake.

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Search for and buy your next car on driving. Target Blu Eye has its critics, who predict that the device will be used by irresponsible drivers to make sure that the coast is clear while they speed or use mobile phones. These could be emitted by marked or unmarked vehicles; by radios worn by beat officers or mobile speed camera operators; or by radios in police helicopters.

When a transmission is detected, the driver is alerted.

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CBS Automotive, the Cambridge-based importer, says that because the system cannot decipher the information being transmitted and does not interfere with the frequency, it is legal to use. Driving tested the device in and around Cambridge, setting it to maximum sensitivity so that it would detect any emergency radio within 1, yards. Out on the motorway it gave ample warning of a police car approaching on the opposite carriageway.

The LEDs slowly went from green to yellow to red. In any case, the move from open analogue to an encrypted digital system has made it practically impossible to hear what is being said on police frequencies.

The makers of Target Blu Eye insist, however, that it is not illegal simply to listen for the presence of police radios and could help save lives by warning motorists of approaching emergency vehicles.