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Old Man Warner is the oldest resident of the town and he is the only one who is genuinely excited about the lottery. He is the main representative of the elder community. When the lottery officiator, Mr. Summers, and Mr. Graves, his second, arrive, the last-minute preparations for the event begin. The last one to arrive is Tessie Hutchinson, who says that she almost forgot that it was August 27 th , the annual lottery day. She appears to be the most joyful person of them all.

After Mr. Summers makes his annual pledge to coordinate the lottery fairly and according to the old rules, the ceremony begins. Each family in town is represented by the patriarch, who must draw a ticket from the black box. We get to see every family representative preparing for the lottery, and then we see each of them making the draw.

As the lottery ceremony unravels, we are still shown occasional shots of children picking up stones and putting them in their pocket. After the last family head makes the draw, we see each of them opening their tickets with noticeable fear in their eyes. Every character we have seen rejoices, all except Bill and Tessie Hutchinson, who have the marked ticket. Tessie Hutchinson, who was so cheerful in the beginning, is suddenly overwhelmed with fear and yells out that the draw was not fair and that her husband did was not given enough time to take out the ticket he wanted to.

Then Mr. Summers makes a headcount for the Hutchinsons together with Bill. He puts in five tickets in the black box and asks each member of the Hutchinson family to come up and draw a ticket. The first one is Davy, the youngest, a small blonde boy with fearful eyes. Then, his sister, Nancy, comes up for the draw, followed by their older brother, Bill Jr. Then, Tessie begrudgingly takes out a ticket from the black box, and the last one to draw is Bill.

When Davy opens his ticket, every person in town smiles because they were all hoping for him to have a clear ticket. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? User reviews. Already have an account? Log in now or Create an account. September 24, There was a time in my life where I was Chelsea Knot. I told someone something that someone else had told me and that person I told flipped the story into something that it wasn't , in turn, told someone that was a part of the story that I told and it got back to the original person who told me and all hell broke loose.

Over the summer before my freshman year, I received death threats over the phone for 2 months. I don't even remember what the story was, but it completely ruined a friendship for me. I didn't speak to that person the entire 4 years of high school. I was scared. I was ashamed that it had gotten so out of hand. Then, 5 years after we've graduated, I was visiting my grandma in the hospital where my ex-friend just so happened to be a nurse. I had gone to dinner with my parents before and I had a margarita so I was slightly tipsy. Anyways, we talked and chatted for a bit.

It was awkward, but it felt good.

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To not bring up history, but live in the now. So, this was a good book.

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Until the day I caught them in the garden, her head upon his shoulder as he stroked her hair and spoke softly. She appears to be the most joyful person of them all. The blush accented the tiny darker flecks that dotted his pale nose and cheeks. When Gari Melchers and his wife passed away, they left their home, intact with all of its furniture, art and other memorabilia to the local University of Mary Washington which overseas the current operation. Many people don't see the effect that society has on teens, but this story shows just that. And the entire time, my feet ached and pinched with a sharp agony.

Started slow at first, but I was interested in the story. Hannah Harrington is one of my favorite pastime authors. Read this book, now! August 25, First of all let me say one thing- I liked Saving June but, this novel Speechless was so much better.

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Kids used to tease me about the way I dress and look, they still do, even today while I was walking past some idiots they made a comment about my hair. I take this stuff pretty well. I usually do some more weird stuff just to make them stare more because that is who I am. And I am not changing for anyone! High-school is even more fragile period for kids than middle school was because that is when you are starting to discover yourself. But kids soon forget you and you find other friends who appreciate you for with all of your flaws and virtues.

I am not perfect. You need to stop hating your freckles, crooked teeth, small breasts or whatever troubles you and just embrace it because that is all you, and you are unique! So sorry for that. This book is definitely worth the time and I would recommend it to everyone. Zemira Top Reviewer 70 reviews. August 03, Good Points. Another good book, along with Thirteen Reasons Why, that makes you think twice about how you interact with other people. Whether you're nice or mean, it does make you realize that whatever you do makes an impact, whether good or bad, does make you think twice about you say.

Duks Castro Top 50 Reviewer 82 reviews. November 24, What a powerful and moving book! This book is about a girl standing up for gay kids, which I think is a touchy subject. This book was written so well though, and I was so captivated by the story. Chelsea and her vow of silence was very interesting to me. I would never be able to stay that silent for that long. This book was hard to read at times simply because it was so sad. Chelsea was so caught up in her own world, that when she finally realized life was not all about her, she really changed.

It was cool to watch her realize that as she became friends with Sam and Asha. Chelsea and Sam's relationship was so sweet. He liked her even when she was the weird girl who would not talk. They went through so much together. I loved watching their relationship grow. So, so sweet. This is a very moving, emotional book that I would definitely recommend.

It does have lots of language though, so maybe for older teens. Morgan Top Reviewer 17 reviews. Hannah Harrington has done it yet again!

When I first heard of Speechless I was excited just by the fact that it was written by the amazing, Hannah Harrington. I loved Saving June, but I must admit that it did take me a while to warm up to it. As soon as I started reading, I was thrown straight into the story.

Chelsea is your stereotypical popular girl, who loves the limelight — but then one night she goes too far. The secondary characters are what really make the story and whilst they are all amazing I especially loved Sam, Asha, and even though they weren't mentioned nearly as much as I would have liked, Noah and Andy. Hannah has done it yet again! Gut wrenching, honest and real with the perfect amount of romance, Speechless left me feeling content and full of hope. Extremely readable from beginning to end. Character development.

Super sweet romance. Rebecca Top Reviewer 5 reviews. Speechless is amazing! November 15, I won Speechless from a giveaway for my honest review. Her first book Saving June? Loved it. Her second book Speechless? In love with it! Speechless is about a girl named Chelsea who is a sophomore in high school and she loves to leak secrets.

One day though she leaks the wrong secret and one of her class mates almost dies. To start off I had a little bit of a hard time sympathizing for Chelsea when her life went down the drain because I know girls like her and I hate all of them.

Short Stories -Speechless Feeling

But there are some things that are different about her and what she did which made me like her in the end. One of the reasons I really enjoyed this book was that it was so real. People who read this book will be given a new light on the certain situation in the book and it will probably open their eyes to things around them.

It definitely has for me. The other thing I loved is how well Harrington integrates love and friendship with this problem in the book. It really is great that she can do that so well because without it the book would have been boring. Sam… can we just talk about Sam please? He has so many good qualities. I think so.

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In the end I give this book a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Paige Top Reviewer 53 reviews. Beautifully Moving With a Great Message. October 08, Updated: October 08, Speechless surprised me in many ways. With wonderfully constructed characters, who managed to be appropriately funny even while tackling some tough issues, Speechless is simply beautiful - to both read and with the message it delivers.

Chelsea starts off as a completely shallow and unlikable character. Striving to please her best friend Kristen - who also happens to be the most popular girl at school - she was willing to do or say whatever it took to keep their relationship strong. So when the opportunity came to dish out the juiciest gossip she had ever had - that she had walked in on Noah making out with another guy!

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But when Noah ends up in the hospital fighting for his life, Chelsea's conscience kicks in and she tells her parents and the police how Kristen's boyfriend, Warren, and his best friend Joel had gone after Noah to "teach him a lesson. Chelsea is a hilarious narrator. I found myself highlighting a LOT of her inner dialogue, as it had me laughing out loud. This is a disappointment because I always assumed that a perfect creature such as Brendon would smell of spring rain and mountain bresses and other heavenly aromas.

I'm sure she thinks there'd be peace in the Middle East if every country were forced to sit down on a stiff leather couch with a box of Kleenex and talk about their feeeeelings. Except even in the movie of my own life, I've never been the heroine.


I've never been Action Girl. I've only ever been Kristen's supporting character. Her friendships with Asha and Sam had me nervous for the longest time, as I worried she would hurt them if Kristen managed to forgive her. I shouldn't have been so worried though, as like I said, her character growth was genuine. It took her a while to realize what a horrible human being she had been, and how what she had done to please Kristen had a ripple effect in causing harm to others. It was Harrington's almost painfully realistic portrayal of Chelsea's struggle for self-discovery which truly made Speechless beautiful.

Harrington also handled the supporting characters with ease and grace. Flawed and infused with depth, I fell for each character in a different way. I adored Asha's genuineness and her constant bubblyness and Sam's earnest goodness radiated whenever he was protecting those he cares about. Even Chelsea became someone I admired, as she started to care less about what other people thought of her and more about how to be the kind of person who deserved the love shown to her by her new friends.

But it's a distant kind of sad - like when you look at your Barbies and realize you don't want to play with them anymore, because you're growing up and you've moved on, and in your heart you know it's time to make room for other things. I did slightly tire of the teenage-y speak, like, you know. But that same manner of speaking is what added to Chelsea's realism as a young adult. I would also have liked to see things a little less tidy at the end, but I guess there has to be times where someone gets their happily ever after!

Beautifully moving with a great message about love and the consequences of intolerance, Speechless is well worth a read. As another reviewer pointed out, "this novel isn't mindblowing, it isn't earth-shattering, it didn't elevate my intellectual and spiritual being in any way. But, it did make me flip the last page with a small sigh Kelly Goodwin Top 50 Reviewer reviews.

Speechless by Hannah Harrington. October 01, Updated: October 01, After reading the synopsis, I was a little like "ehhh" kind of sounds like a weird premise. I mean really, what high school girl you know would really decide to take a vow of silence? But then after reading and finding out the event that caused it, I see exactly why. What happens is heart breaking. Many people don't see the effect that society has on teens, but this story shows just that.

This story tells just how "important" your peer's opinion is. Chelsea has had the biggest mouth in her grade since she can remember. Any news she got, she spread it. Which is the reason her best friend is the most popular girl in school. But then one night something happens and Chelsea is scared into silence.

Because she did the one thing that no one else would do She was brave. I can absolutely relate to this book because being only 23 I still remember being in high school and how everyone acted. I can truly say it was portrayed as a modern day high school.

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They were easy for me to connect with and I understood they were acting that way because of immaturity. As for the romance in this novel, it kind of unexpected for me. I knew it to be a contemporary romance and that eventually she would fall for someone, but I honestly thought it would be someone else. It was actually a bit of a surprise when the secret came out. It was quite refreshing to have it be them. Speechless is a tale of growth, friendship, and love. It will leave you thinking about the bigger issue it covers long after you turn the last page.

Nikki H Top 50 Reviewer 99 reviews. A Touching Novel. September 29, It's different, and I love it. However, based on the vague synopsis, I came to the conclusion that this book most likely wasn't for me, and decided to pass on it. It wasn't until I saw glowing four and five star reviews for this book from trusted friends of mine that I decided to request this on NetGalley and see if I would end up liking it. And let me just take a moment to say, that I'm so happy I took the chance and requested this on NetGalley. Normally, this would be the part in my review where I'd write my own little synopsis explaining what the book is about.

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Speechless: Short Stories [Mya K] on ydujasuzeh.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. These four emotionally rich stories will leave you with nothing to say. Results 1 - 16 of 49 Online shopping for Books from a great selection of Short Stories, Anthologies & more at everyday low prices.

But, I'm not going to do this for Speechless. I want you, dear reader, to read the vague synopsis. And if you do read the provided synopsis and don't know much about what will happen in Speechless afterwards, good. I want you to go into this book knowing barely anything about it. I want this book to have the same surprise for you as it did for me. And hopefully, you end up enjoying it as much as I enjoyed it. And I more than enjoyed this book. I loved this book to bits. I loved the characters, and the depth each and every one of them was provided with for the most part, but more on that later in the review.

I loved the funny moments and one-liners this book had. I loved the emotional punch this book gave me, many, many times. But what I especially loved is how Harrington made me dislike the central character in the beginning, and then have me absolutely love her in the end. Chelsea Knot is not a perfect character, she's not a perfect person, but, in that sense, she's realistic, and extremely easy to sympathize with. Wouldn't you say that a flawed and believable character is easier to like and sympathize with than a perfect character?

Chelsea knows that what she's done in her past to people was wrong, and she learns the error of her ways and grows as a character immensely by the end of Speechless, and getting to see and compare the massive change in who Chelsea was by the beginning of this novel to the end is really something special. Chelsea's friends, Asha, Sam, Dex, and Lou might just be some of my favorite characters I've had the pleasure to read about so far this year.

Like Chelsea, they're all flawed, but they're all amazing and extremely likable characters, and they accepted Chelsea when no one else would. Asha is the best friend anyone could ever hope to have - she's loyal, helpful, and only ever sees the good in people.