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Hans Christian Andersen
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Ugly recognises his mother and Queenie goes to call the advertised number. Just then the doorbell rings, and the Cat enters, poorly disguised as Drake. Ugly sees through the disguise, but Lowbutt believes he is actually Ugly's father. But when Queenie comes back in, the Cat falls in love.

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Queenie also thinks he is a duck, but she too falls in love when he removes his disguise "Together". Lowbutt is dismayed, so she helps Ugly to escape, leaving the Cat to decide between his meal and Queenie. He chooses to go after Ugly, leaving Lowbutt to console Queenie.

Back at the farmyard, Drake is forced into some responsibility, and, now that the ducklings are almost a year old, they are beginning to give Drake a hard time as teenagers. Ida, still searching for Ugly, comes across everyone that Ugly has met "The Collage". Meanwhile, Ugly finds Penny, a swan, caught in some fishing line and untangles her. Penny, knowing Ugly is a swan, invites him to migrate with her, but Ugly insists that he can't.

As Penny flies away, Ugly realises he is in love with her "Now I've Seen You" , but is sad because he believes she could never love someone as ugly as himself.

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Just then, a Bullfrog comes hopping by. Noticing his bad mood, he tells Ugly about how "ugliness" is just a matter of taste and that someone out there will always love you "Warts and All".

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The song cheers Ugly up, and the bullfrog leaves. Suddenly, a net drops on Ugly's head. A farmer has caught him for his family's Sunday roast. When the Farmer goes to get his knife, the Cat sneaks back onstage and offers a deal; he will lead Ugly back to the farm, but Ugly has to promise to be the Cat's lunch. Ugly agrees, and both of them head back to the farmyard. On the way, the two get caught in a blizzard and freeze "The Blizzard". Ida unfortunately has gotten caught in it as well.

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Ida notices them and believes Ugly is dead. Penny and her family come to Ida and tell her to cry, that her tears of hope will save Ugly. Soon Ugly wakes up and realises he is not a duck, but a swan, then reunites with his mother "Transformation". Penny recognises that Ugly is the one who saved her earlier and the two confess their love to each other.

The swans invite Ugly to come learn their ways. Although Ugly wants to stay with Ida, she insists that he go with the swans. As they fly off, Ida sings of how Ugly was different, but Ugly suddenly reappears with Penny, as they have decided to stay with Ida.

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Just before they leave, Ugly frees the Cat, who has remained frozen this entire time. As the Cat notices Ugly is not a duck but a swan, he goes insane before running away in defeat "Melting Moggy". Ugly, Penny and Ida return to the lake; everyone loves Ugly now that he is a swan. They ask for his forgiveness for making fun of him "Look At Him" Reprise.

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This list of 58 ordinary-appearing but unusually valuable used books ("ugly ducklings") has been compiled from completed sales on eBay in late and the. About This Ebook This list of 58 “ugly ducklings” in the used book world was compiled in late with used booksellers (myself included) specifically in mind .

Ugly happily accepts their apology and introduces Penny. Grace decides to relinquish the Red Band, now the Cygnet Ring, to Ugly, dubbing him "the finest bird on the lake". A junior version of Honk! There are slight changes in Honk! Because of this, the characters Queenie and Lowbutt do not appear in this version, nor do the songs "It Takes All Sorts" and "Together". Certain songs are cut see the song list above , whilst others, such as "Look At Him" are shortened with the lyrics slightly changed.

The lyrics in "Warts and All" were also changed slightly to appeal to younger audiences. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the musical Honk! For other uses, see Honk disambiguation. Archived from the original on 4 January Retrieved 4 December Retrieved 28 October Original Demo Cast on iTunes".

Categories : Musical comedy plays musicals West End musicals Musicals based on secular traditions Laurence Olivier Award-winning musicals Musicals based on short fiction Music based on works by Hans Christian Andersen British musicals. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: archived copy as title Use British English from March Use dmy dates from March Musical theatre articles missing an image in infobox All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July During the Soviet period his work fiercely satirized official language and culture; after the collapse his writing became more philosophic — but both before and after it energetically explored all the possibilities that language and literature offered.

He won several prizes, including, in , the Boris Pasternak prize. Prigov died, in Moscow, of a heart attack in His collected works are being published in Russia, edited by Mark Lipovetsky. Prigov is the unparalleled debunker of the Soviet unconscious. His conceptual audacity, verbal pyrotechnics, and hilarious political satire have made him one of the premiere innovative poets and parabolists of the postwar generation.

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Melanie D. What the crowd took note of was neither his big feet nor size but rather how powerfully and elegantly he strode across the ice. Teach this Poem. Skiff, Frances A. Graduation Magnets. The translator asks, the poet answers unrestrictedly. Fenwick, Ethel L.

Simon Schuchat brings to life, in English, this essential Russian artist. Do you see what I mean?

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Prigov is a conceptionalist of irony, a tongue in cheek needing no cheek, a writer who makes you shake your head and say, Oh dear, now I must recalculate world literature. No one needs to have written these poems.

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But some one did, Dimitri Prigov. Now I have no choice but to read this book again, until someone translates some more. More Prigov. Or maybe I learn Russian. It should have appeared decades earlier, when he was still alive!

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Prigov was not shocked when his colleagues compared him to a vulture, indeed, he created innovative neo-avant-gardist, conceptualist, and postmodernist textual performances from the material borrowed from various discourses — Soviet, post-Soviet, political, metaphysical, mystical, etc. I hope very much that this book will trigger the long-standing interest of true poetry lovers to Prigov who has yet a lot to offer — thousands of poems literary!