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Mobile Apps Login. Full Profile. From Allie's foster: Allie is a very sweet and petite cutie patootie. She is doing great with our pugs, the cat and two very rambunctious little boys. She fits right into the pack, has no issues with our self proclaimed alpha female and leader of the pack.

She happily sleeps with the other pugs in the doggie playpen at night, however, I believe if given the opportunity she'd much prefer a spot in the human bed. She loves being at your side or in your lap, she's a very loving girl. She's potty trained and an all around awesome girl. Allister 6 years old is as perfect as pugs come. He never has accidents, takes himself through a dog door even in the rain. He does not bark and he is the most chill pug I have ever seen. He never destroyed anything in my house and he was in fact enjoying the same privileges as my own dogs week 2 of his stay with us because he adjusted so well.

He is super velcro though and will get up and follow his person everywhere. If he's outside he has no interest in running off, he just wants to be with his people. Unfortunately, Allister does have very narrow nasal turbinates which means his nose is more or less non-functional and basically just blows bubbles all the time. He sleeps with a toy in his mouth to keep his airways open which is super smart and precious at the same time. We do not know how this will affect him long term because this condition is very rare. Since no surgery is currently an option for him and might not be for years depending on how the procedure evolves, he can be adopted out as special needs to a family that has a good understanding of dogs with medical needs.

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He is on no medications currently and has shown no decline in the 6 months we have had him but we cannot predict the future for him. I would ask you to consider this treasure of a dog despite his medical condition. If I had any more room in my household, he would be the one I'd keep. He is the sweetest, funniest most loyal little dog and deserves the best. Ally is a sweet 5 year old girl that was found as stray in very rough condition.

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Buy Side Effect - Like A Rag Doll Falling (Jim Brogan mysteries Book 2): Read 2 Kindle Store Reviews - Side Effect - Like A Rag Doll Falling (Jim Brogan mysteries Book 2) eBook: Rod Griffiths: Kindle Store.

A good samaritan found her, and stayed with her until PugHearts could come to the rescue. Her name was Ally, so we decided it was only right to name her after her rescuer. She comes to us with severe demodex mange which has caused her to lose most of her hair, and when she was found, her skin was leathery with scabs and sores. Get applications in quick for this beautiful baby. She deserves nothing but the best from now on. Amanda is a fawn female. She comes to us from a local animal control facility. We believe she is just 2 years old.

She is severe heartworm positive and will begin treatment shortly.

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She also is suffering from a case of hookworms that is being treated. She has been spayed and brought current on her vaccinations. She is a really sweet little girl that deserves a chance at a healthy, happy life. She was covered in ticks and has obviously had too many litters of puppies. No more of that for her. She is being seen by the vet and we will update soon. From Amara's foster: Hi. I'm Amara, but my foster family calls me Lil Bit. I came to Pughearts from the valley covered in ticks and insect bites. But now my skin is almost all healed and my coat is getting soft and silky.

I'm crate trained and house trained and great with all the other dogs in my foster home. I like to start up a good wrestle match and chase game with the other pups I live with. I might be a Velcro pug, but my foster mom says I'm more like a surgically implanted pug. She accidentally trips over me all the time because I stay right by her feet. I love squeaky toys, but am just as happy tackling an empty milk jug or water bottle and chasing it all over the house. I just had my big girl surgery so now I'm all ready to be someone's furever baby.

If you're looking for an adorable, hilarious, tiny bundle of energy and love who will be your shadow, I'm the girl for you!! From Amber's foster: Amber is simply awesome! She was found by the SPCA after her eyes were injured. We think she was hit by a car and the force of the impact caused the injury to both her eyes. They were damaged beyond anything that could be done to repair them so they removed both eyes. Her eyes, spay and tumor removal on her tail was done by the SPCA. She is a typical blind pug, nothing seems to bother her and she gets around with little or no issues.

I have had quite a few blind pugs and they accommodate the change in their life in stride and it doesn't seem to bother them. They seem to have an internal GPS system that kicks in. Amber is extremely well behaved and over the top with loving. She is never far from my side, she loves to be touched and loved on. She doesn't interact with the other fosters I have but that isn't unusual, most blind pugs are not overly playful. They will play if you instigate it but they seldom just go crazy like other pugs. They also walk everywhere, they quickly learn that running will bring them a knock on the head.

I use the word careful when I see they are heading for a collision and after awhile they know that they should be on the lookout and slow down. She is house trained and the only accident she had was the first day when she had no idea where to go. She still doesn't tell me when she needs to go out, but neither do the others. I have a semi large group of pugs so we do "group potty breaks", when I say it's time to go everyone goes. Amber does have heartworms so she will not be available for adoption until September or so.

Other than that she is in excellent health. She was in a bad situation when she was found but I truly believe that at some point in her life she was a very loved little girl. She is well behaved she sits on command and when we go to bed she insists that she wants to burrow under the covers, so she's also slept with her humans.

She is pretty stubborn, we have a disagreement every night about getting under the covers. If I let her squirrel down within 5 minutes she's laying there panting like it's degrees so I pull her out. But she will continue to attempt to get under for several minutes before she finally gives up and lays on top of the covers. I guess the important message there is that I win. She has great facial wrinkles and her fur is blackest black and like satin. She is also a very small pug, 14 or so pounds. We believe she is around 5 years old. I dearly love her and she will make a great addition to any family.

She goes to the events when we have them so keep an eye on our Facebook page for the locations and drop by to meet her when you have a chance. Ambrosia is a young female that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. From Ambrosia's foster: Ambrosia is a 3 year old female who enjoys making everyone laugh.

She is full of energy, playing with toys and wrestling with the other pugs in the house. Her weakness is a good belly rub and melts like butter in your arms. She gets along well with the other pups, is great with kids, does fairly well in the crate there's a little crying , and sleeps well in the human bed. She makes a lot of grunting noises and her tongue is out quite a bit, because she's always on the go.

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After her spay and dental, she will make someone a fun, silly, sweet member of their family. Meet Amelia. She was found wandering in a neighborhood. She is in poor condition for a 7 yr old girl. She needed a dental already done and several large masses were removed. She will be feeling better in no time. From Amelia's foster: What a sweetheart! Miss Amelia Bedelia may have had a rough start in life, but she has not let that get her down. She is 7 years old, heartworm positive and has already been spayed. She gets along great with my other pugs and just wants to be with her people. She is learning to play with toys and her favorite past times are chewing on bones and snuggling with her favorite people.

She is a sweet little lady and once she goes through heartworm treatment and has a dental, she will make a wonderful addition to your family! Amelia is a fawn female. She was thrown out of a car and a Good Samaritan who witnessed this rescued her and called us to help her. We believe she is about 5 years old. She looks like she has probably been used by a puppy mill. She has been negected as well as overbred. Despite everything that she has been through she is a sweet, gentle girl who loves to be held and be around people. She is content to be held an cuddled for long periods of time.

She is being spayed and will begin heartworm treatment soon. She needs a special home that will show her what the life of a spoiled princess puggy can be like. From Amelia's Foster: Amelia is so sweet. She loves her humans and must be in constant contact. She loves to have her tummy rubbed. She is also quite playful and plays chase with the other dogs. She gets on well with children and adults alike. She is currently working on being housetrained. He comes to us from a local animal shelter. That being said, he has made great strides in adapting. He will actually come up to me to be pet now, and over the weekend I took a video of him playing with a toy for the first time.

He just needs someone to love him. He will go in for his neuter and to have his teeth cleaned and be ready to find his forever home by the end of September. I wholeheartedly recommend that you put this guy on your must see list. Amy is a fawn female that was dumped in a neighborhood and helped out by a nice person. From Amy's foster: Amy is a 4 year old fawn female with loads of personality. She is house trained and kennel trained. Amy is very active and loves to play with her toys. Her first Pughearts event got her 3 applications for adoption.

Amy has fallen into the pool numerous times so it may not be a good idea for someone with a pool to adopt her. She cannot swim at all. Medical Issues: she has been diagnosed with dry eye and will need drops from the vet for her life time. Ana is a 5 yr old black female. She is dealing with a skin infection and severe heartworms. This sweet girl will be spayed as soon as her skin heals. She will go through heartworm treatment before she can find her forever home. From Ana's foster: What can I say about this little love? She will lay in your arms like a rag doll for hours just to be loved on.

She's very clingy, so be prepared to be her one and only. She likes her crate but prefers to snuggle as close as possible to her human at bed time. She's afraid of our doggy door, so we are working on that, but will go sit by the door to let you know she needs to go outside. She enjoys an occasional chew toy to play with.

Rag Doll Making : Pining Rag Doll Hair

She has a luxating patella on one of her back legs but it doesn't stop her a bit. Ana has to go through heartworm treatment, and will probably be ready for adoption this early summer. Ana is a sweet little black female - though it's tough to tell with her current skin condition. She came to us through an animal cruelty case with the SPCA. She has now been released to us to get her well and find her a new home. We estimate she is between 3 to 4 years old, though everyone thinks she is a puppy when they first see her. She is a very petite little girl but she is definitely an adult dog.

She has been brought up to date on her vaccinations and will be spayed prior to placement. Right now she is suffering from a severe case of demodectic mange. As many of you will remember, we have seen this before with Dougie and Mandi. With proper treatment she will turn into a beautiful girl. Ana is a very friendly, loving little girl. Even though she's had a very rough time she still is a very happy, playful girl. Someone will be very lucky to call her theirs. Anakin is a young male that was found wandering around all alone. He is heartworm negative and scheduled for his neuter.

Anakin is dealing with some demodex mange non-contagious. Anastasia is a black female. She is 6 years old and an owner surrender due to bladder stones. She has had them removed and is recovering very well. She has also been spayed. She is current on her vaccinations and has been microchipped. From Anastasia with some help from her foster mom : Hi, my name is Anastasia, and you are going to love me!!

I talked the whole way home from the vet when my foster mom got me. I live with 3 other pugs and have an occasional visit with a cavalier spaniel puppy. I love that puppy!! We chase each other around the house and have all kinds of fun. I love to sit in the yard when the weather is nice and not too hot, and so does my puppy friend. Now for the part that makes me a special pug. I came into rescue because I had some bladder stones that needed to be removed. The wonderful people at the rescue made sure I had the surgery I needed to remove them, and I feel so much better now.

This curious little explorer is waiting for his next big adventure… is it you? Anderson is a handsome little pup that enjoys a good romp in the backyard, naps in your lap and lots of puppy kisses! He is a sweetheart, will do well with small dogs, and loves to play tug with his human foster siblings. Anderson is 13 weeks old and is working on his manners and potty-training and doing very well! Foster Andrew is a very happy Pug guy. He has a great appetite. Plays well with the grumble. Sleeps in his crate. Andrew is a tall lanky cowboy.

He is 4 years old and has been through his heartworm treatment. He is ready to find his family and ride off into the sunset for a wonderful life. Are you the one to lasso this cowboy? Andrew is a fawn male. He was found wandering the streets with no tags or microchip. We believe he is about 4 years old.


It doesn't appear that anybody's been looking after him, as he has tested heartworm positive. He also has severely impaired vision. He will begin heartworm treatment soon. Meanwhile, he has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations. I like to play dress-up, and even wore my Halloween costume two full days! My eyes get dry very easily, so you have to give me drops and ointment twice a day to keep them from getting all gunky.

My foster Daddy says that I am only 16 pounds, but I think I am closer to pounds. When I am not running and playing chase, I need to find a lap or shoulder to snuggle on. I love people very much, as well as my foster brothers and sisters. This makes me a great leash-walker! At bedtime, I love to tunnel under the covers in the big bed. When it gets too hot, I come up and find a pillow to share. My perfect forever home would not have any kids with high-pitched scary voices. I even get scared of the kids I hear on the TV.

I would prefer not to be an only dog, because it helps me to have someone to follow around the house. I promise to always give you lots of love and kisses, and be there for you in the good times and the bad times. Would you please give me the forever home that I deserve? Andy is an 11 year old fawn male who comes to us with his bonded brother Woody. From his foster: Andy comes to PH as an owner surrender with his bonded buddy Woody. He is 11 yrs old, neutered, HW negative, healthy and with the most beautiful tail ever!!

He has come out of his shell and has so much personality and loves to tell you all about his day!! Andy is a real body bug, and although he is crate trained, he would much rather snuggle with you in the bed! Andy and Woody are a wonderful pair that have so much love to give and would love to share it with you! Angel is a fawn female. She is about 4 years old. She is moderate heartworm positive and has begun treatment. She is also suffering from severe dry eye, which is all too common in pugs.

She has been spayed, microchipped and is current on her vaccinations. From Angel's foster: Angel is a young thing who is very playful with other dogs, but she sits calmly and snuggles, too. She is short, stocky, and has almost a totally black head and if she starts answering to "zit", blame her foster dad.

She rides great in the car as long as she is on a lap, where she lays calmly. Angel is crate trained and will seek out the crate or her bed when she's had enough stimulation. Her eyes make no tears, so she requires alternating ointment and drops x a day to preserve what vision is left. She tilts her head up to get them and appears to realize eye meds make her feel better. Her impaired sight does not affect her at all, except she is a little hesitant with stairs, but she's getting better all the time. She jumps on and off the couch with no problem.

To see a video of her at play, check out PugHearts' facebook page and you will see just how cute she is. She goes into "terrorist" mode times a day, and is certainly good for a laugh. She even gets the older, more sedate pugs in my pack to play with strategic butt bites, play bows, and spins. She would do better in a home with at least one other dog to play with, and the fewer stairs the better.

Angelica came to PugHearts is terrible condition. She was covered in ticks and large patches of hair loss across her body. She is undergoing treatment, and looks and feels so much better already! I love toys and really like tug of war with my foster brother. I like to be held as long as it is in the hugging position. I even get to sleep in a big people bed at night. This little Valley girl is a perfect snuggle bug.

She is crate and house trained no accidents at all!

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She gets along great with dogs both big and small and loves to play with toys and bones. When not playing, she is a velcro pug that loves to cuddle with her human. Angelo is a 1 year old fawn male. He was found wandering all alone with no tags or microchip. From Angelo's foster: Angelo is twelve months old and HW negative. He has dry eye in his right eye but is completely healthy otherwise.

He is potty trained and does well in a crate and plays well with other dogs and toys. He loves people and wants to cuddle and enjoy being part of the pack. Angie is a 6 yr old pug mix. Angie is severe heartworm positive and we have just completed bladder surgery to remove bladder stones. She did well and will now be on a prescription diet for life to prevent the stones from coming back. Angie will have to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption. Angie is a 4 year old pug mix from a local shelter.

She is heartworm negative and already spayed. Angie is the funniest most stunning looking mix. She got the best out of doxie and a pug. She is 4 years old and came to us with 2 broken ribs but otherwise healthy. She is currently resting while she heals. Angie is a complete sweetheart who loves snuggles more than anything. She is potty trained and knows how to sit. Angie already charmed her forever family. She will have a big fur sister and 3 little children of her own once her ribs have healed.

What is even better — she will be adopted with her foster sister Natalie. Anna comes to PugHearts after trauma to her eye caused it to have to be removed. Her owner could no longer afford to take care of her and we took her in to make sure she got the care she needed. Anna is heartworm negative, spayed and doing much better now that the pain of her damaged eye has been removed.

The cute little winky is 7 years old and looking for her forever home. Is it with you? Anna is the sweetest, gentlest pug I have ever met. Fully potty trained and crate trained, she never would even attempt to get on the furniture unless you picked her up and placed her there yourself. She was my first pug foster with a long tongue, so it always made me laugh to see her so happy to sit or stand there with it out most of the time.. She gets along great with other dogs and is definitely not Alpha in any way. She loves a dog bed to get comfortable on and plays with toys when she is ready to.

Here We Go Again!

She is always ready to be on the go. You would never know she 8 or 9 years old. She weighs in about 18 pounds and i think she might like to dress up. She was always ready to put everyone else's harness on even though she already had hers on.. She loves treats and loves kisses! Mostly, she is ready for your love! Annabelle is a 2 year old female. She was not well cared for in her puppyhood. Annabelle was either stepped on or sat on as a young girl. This caused a spinal injury that she will live with the rest of her life. Annabelle's walk and stance are different to help her be able to join the crowd and keep up if not set the pace.

Please do not feel badly for Annabelle. She runs, plays tug of war, wrestles and generally acts like a normal young pug. Annabelle can have a few issues due to this injury. She drags one of her back feet when she is tired, so this must be monitored for sores. She occasionally has issues with fecal incontinence.

Annabelle is heartworm negative, already spayed and ready to go. Do not overlook this bundle of energy due to her injury. Annabelle is a pleasure and will add joy and excitement to your world. Annabelle a very sweet 5 years old. She gets along great with our grumble and will be your shadow all day! She is a finicky and slow eater. She does not like kennel but working on that. Don't let this doll slip by.

Annabelle is adopted as soon as she completes her heartworm treatment at the end of January. Annie is an 8 year old female. Annie is an 8 year old owner surrender. She will have a dental cleaning, and entropion and episioplasty procedures and will be ready to adopt around the beginning of March.

Annie is a very special pug. She knows a lot of great tricks like rolling over, high-five, and she can twirl. If she has to potty, she lets her foster parents know by whining at the back door. She gets along well with her foster grumble and would also do well as an only dog. She loves stuffed toys, rope bones, and Nylabones. She might be 8 years old but acts like a dog half her age! Annie makes a wonderful companion and is deserving of her own forever home! Annie is a sweet fawn female. She comes to us from a local shelter where she had been picked up from the streets so we don't know her history.

We estimate she is about 8 years old. She is in good health though she does require drops to one eye for 'dry eye' - her vision is just fine. She has been spayed, microchipped and brought up to date on her vaccinations. She also had an umbilical hernia removed but that won't cause any further issues. Annie is a very calm, serene girl. She is very friendly and loves to be loved on, but she is not an excitable gal. She prefers to sit back and relax.

She is housebroken and gets on well with other animals. Annie is a fawn female. She is 1 year old. She does have a scarred right eye which does not seem to cause her any issues. She is in excellent health. From Annie's Foster: Annie is a very energetic, 1 year old, female, fawn.

She loves to play and does very well with other dogs, even ones that are twice her size. She is also a very good eater, as most pugs are! When she isn't running around playing, she likes to lay in her bed and chew raw hide bones. She has never displyed any other chewing habits, such as on shoes or anything else laying around. Her foster parents are still working on potty training, but she is already doing a great job! Annie loves people! She is very comfortable approaching new people and will often lay on a strangers lap to be a part of the group.

Annie is very affectionate and loves to cuddle on the couch and give lots of kisses. We hardley ever hear her bark, and if she does it's at excitement to see us come home. Annie would make a great pet for anyone who has another small pet at home that likes to play. Meet Anthony! He is a 4 year old fawn male. Anhtony appears to have not been well taken care, and came to PugHearts with a variety of ailments. With some TLC he has blossomed into a lovely pet, and the only effect of his whole ordeal is dry eyes—which are easily managed with daily drops. Anthony is quite the character, and is extremely people oriented.

He enjoys the company of other dogs large, small, male or female , but he prefers to shower his affection on people! He is also very playful, and with the right squeaky toy will entertain himself for hours! We are working on reinforcing potty training and his forever family will most likely need to continue this reinforcement. Anthony is crate trained, and is comfortable being crated by himself or with other dogs. You will be hard pressed to find another guy as sweet and attentive as Anthony!

Anton is a young male that comes to PugHearts from a local shelter. From Anton's foster: Anton is approximately 2 year old black pug. In a Don Rosa story, this is the triplets' reaction when they learn that Scrooge has gotten into yet another petty contest with Glomgold, this time over who can find lost Aztec gold, meaning they're on another treasure hunt. Another Donald Duck comics story, "The Head of Rama Putra", had Uncle Scrooge receiving only the body of an idol of the fictional Indian deity Rama Putra, and sending Donald and his nephews off on a crazy jungle adventure to retrieve his eponymous head.

When Don and company get home with the head, they find out not only did the head of Rama Putra arrive as a separate package , but they head they did find belongs to an idol of Ra-men Nu-dol , god of yeast extracts , and now Uncle Scrooge wants them to go back and find the body of the idol. Most stories with Donald's Neighbor Jones usually end this way; Once the Escalating War ends, Donald or Jones would say or do something that causes it to start up again.

In one story, an attempt of Donald's to borrow Jones' lawnmower results in both of their houses being destroyed by automated cutters. Once he's moved into a new house, Donald notices that his new lawn needs cutting and goes to borrow the mower from his new neighbor Bone starts and ends with the three Bone cousins journeying through the desert, with Phoney and Smiley getting into almost the exact same argument both times. When he does return Billy home, Grim and Mandy appeared to have had a bet on how long it would take Billy to return. After debating the time, Grim uses his scythe to zap Billy back to where the story started.

At the end of the Vampirella story " And be a Bride of Chaos" a looter comes across a coffin and is tempted to lie in it Issue 6 of The Bad Eggs ends with Ript and Claude having to find more ingredients to stop the forest from flooding due to the seemingly endless rain. This happens directly after they spent the entire issue finding ingredients to make it rain so they could stop a drought. In Kick-Ass , one "post-credits scene" at the very end of Volume 3 shows Hit-Girl inviting another bullied kid, just like Dave was at the beginning of the trilogy, to become the new Kick-Ass.

Anderson: Psi-Division : One story involved an eco-terrorist dumping some Mutagenic Goo on plants so that they'll grow in size and attack people. She's apprehended, but the last panel shows some of the goo leaking into a crevasse full of cockroaches. Bruchbach Serenade 's take on Faust ends with Mephisto offering a new deal to Gretchen.

In the Total Drama story, Courtney and the Violin of Despair , Courtney acquires the similarly cursed Violin of Doom at the end of the story under circumstances very similar to how she acquired the Violin of Despair ten years earlier. During the Loyalty Arc, it is revealed that Gilda is planning to do the exact same thing to further her own plans. Children of an Elder God : In the prologue, two main characters get ready to fight Eldritch Abominations.


In the final scene, Maya and Ritsuko get ready to fight a new set of cosmic horrors who menace humanity again. Toad starts with Toad wreaking havoc with his mania for caravans. At the end, when it seems Toad has finally overcome his self-destructive passions, we see that he's found a new interest- aeroplanes! Toad: I'll show you the world! Travel, change, excitement! Ha Ha Ha! In Downstairs , Karl the evil chauffeur arrives at the mansion and, over the course of the movie, blackmails half the people there and has sex with the other half.

Eventually, Alfred the sympathetic butler throws him out on his ear—but the film ends with Karl gaining employment with another sexy rich lady. The Robinsons using the hyperdrive again in Lost in Space prompting the comment, "Here we go again". The record starts skipping, so he abandons this. At the end of the movie, the Eighth Doctor settles in the same chair with the same book and music. When the record starts to skip he says "Not again! The end of the third film finds him in the same situation again. Only this time, he was smart enough to keep the treasure map with him.

Or more specifically, he cuts out the critical center section of the map, leaving the rest, rolled up to hide the missing section, on his ship so that the mutinous crew doesn't know until he's long gone that it's been stolen. It goes a bit further; Gibbs is back in Tortuga, while Barbossa and his surviving crew are back in possession of the Black Pearl after leaving Jack behind again. At the beginning of the Mission: Impossible film, Jim Phelps Jon Voight receives his " This Page Will Self-Destruct " mission orders from a flight attendant on an airplane, who enquires whether he would like to watch an Eastern European film: a reference to the location of his next mission.

The film ends with Ethan Hunt Tom Cruise on a plane, being asked if he would like to watch a film: "Would you consider the cinema of the Caribbean? Aruba, perhaps? It ends with him waking up, then driving out to a familiar house Big Trouble in Little China begins apart from a brief pre-credits scene and ends with sequences of Jack Burton driving the Pork Chop Express through pouring rain while delivering one of his grandstanding bullshit speeches over the CB. Of course, in the latter scene, we also move into Cliffhanger territory. Just a shame that there wasn't a sequel This is basically the plot of Jumanji.

It stars with some kids getting rid of the game. Then the lead boy finds the game, they have to finish, then they try to get rid of it. And it ends with another pair of kids finding it and wanting to play. A cycle is reborn. Defied in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. However, the beating drums following the end credits suggest it still exists somehow. Infernal Affairs III ends with a flashback scene that ends at precisely the same moment that the first film began.

All About Eve. Margot, a successful but aging stage actress gains an obsessive fan in Eve. Eve seems nice at first , but is revealed to have gotten close to Margot to destroy her career and take her place. Then Eve becomes famous and is introduced to a very similar fan at the end. The Happening has it happen again in France. Similarly, 28 Weeks Later ends with Infected rushing into Paris. The movie starts with US Government setting up a quarantine around a small town due to a virus epidemic. The main character couple survived through the whole thing, escaped the town, and the movie ends with the two of them walking to a nearby city.

Cue the US Government setting up the same quarantine around that city. Subverted in Dude, Where's My Car? The movie starts with two guys waking up not remembering what happened yesterday and found out that their car is missing. The end of the movie after Laser-Guided Amnesia seems to follow the same route with the two not remembering what happened yesterday and realizing that their car is missing, before another car got out of the parking spot, revealing their own car.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman ends with Lily Tomlin, restored to normal size, hearing the sound of fabric tearing. She looks down to see her growing foot break out of her shoe, smiles, and rolls her eyes as if to say it. Having won the bet in the end, said clients then get a hankering for genuine Boston clam chowder His answer? In the end, another couple arrives, but are greeted by Mike who says "I am Michael.

I take care of the place while the master is away. The title character mentions this by name at the tail sorry end of Francis The Talking Mule , after Sterling brings his boss to see him to convince him that Francis is real. This comes after he spent the entire plot of the movie in a flashback trying to convince the Army that Francis was real. The Caller ends with The Girl, having almost won her freedom from the forces keeping her from her family, receiving The Caller again at her house in the middle of nowhere as she did at the beginning of the movie - although he says she might actually succeed this time C-3PO says this word for word in Return of the Jedi as the heroes go off on their mission to destroy the second Death Star.

By the end of Ghost Ship , sole survivor Epps eventually succeeds in sinking the Graza , all the souls are released and Ferriman is destroyed, and she's rescued from the ocean by a passing ship. Then in the last scene she sees an unharmed Ferriman walk by, taking the gold onto another ship and starting the cycle anew. Avi's arc in Snatch. Lifetime tends to use this for some of their thriller movies.

The Perfect Teacher ends with Devon becoming infatuated with her prison counsellor as they begin one of their sessions. The Perfect Roommate shows Rachel in her cell looking at a magazine with another rich man on it. The Stalked By My Doctor movies. The second movie, however, shows him becoming infatuated with a female security guard he saved with the Heimlich maneuver. Although it led into the next film , the ending of Back to the Future was intended as an example of this trope as no sequel was planned.

The film's main problem that Marty accidentally erased himself from history resulted because he used the time machine; just when everything is perfect, Doc arrives and whisks them off in it again.

Cabin by the Lake ends with the reveal that Stanley has survived. Disguised, he presents his idea for another script to a new agent about a killer who buries people alive. In A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood , after his big adventure through the Hollywood hills, the titular coyote was captured by animal control and taken back to the desert outside the city limits.

Soon after, he ends up hitching a ride on a truck that took him to Hollywood in the first place. The narrator closes with, "Whether he planned it or not, he's going to town again. Elevated : When it seems like the madness is over and Hank was just insane, a mass of people from outside the parking lot rush to get into the elevator, the same way that Hank rushed to get inside at the start. The Killing Room. The Sole Survivor of the experiment apparently escapes his captors, only to end up in another room with two more prisoners, to undergo Phase 2 of the experiment.

After going to jail for their Springtime for Hitler scam in The Producers , the movie ends with Leo and Max pulling the same scam with their fellow inmates. And the warden. Code Unknown clearly implies a cyclical nature to the lives of the main characters. At the end, Georges is once again returning from a war torn country. Anne once again does not answer her phone, as something she says at the beginning informs us, 'In the bath I can't hear the phone'.

Maria is back in the place she was deported from doing exactly as before. The bulk of Funny Games is neither the first nor last time these killers will play their game. We see them with the neighbors early on, who later show up dead, and see them starting the whole thing over again with some other neighbors at the end.

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Deep Rising. The remaining protagonists destroy the monster and wash up on an island, which turns out to be host to another monster.

John Finnegan: NOW what? Owen O'Malley : Here we go again, Oliver. With Livingstone through darkest Africa. Stephen King 's The Dark Tower series uses this as well. The final book ends with Roland making it to the top of the tower, and finding himself in the desert following the man in black - and it isn't the first time he's been sent back to the beginning.

There's an ambiguous clue that he might change things this time around, though. Another King instance in Needful Things , which starts with a narrator talking to the reader about the new store coming into town and telling us a bit about the town, and ends likewise in a different town. The first Artemis Fowl book starts with the titular character researching a hunch he has about fairies. At the end of the sixth book, he's gone through a Stable Time Loop back to before the first book with past!

Artemis getting mind-wiped to preserve the timeline. The last scene is him waking up post mind-wipe, back in the past, and half remembering "Fairies. Something about fairies. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie , arguably Laura Numeroff's most famous work, begins with the mouse being given a cookie, and asking for various other favors until the end, where he wants a cookie again. Numeroff herself described it as a "circular story. Word of God says that this is the basic premise of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, although the series only depicts one Age rather than a full turn of the Wheel.

Which raises the question of whether Naia's mother had known about the other worlds, among other things. Every book in the Captain Underpants series always ends with George and Harold being dragged into another adventure. Yeah, that's how it goes. The savvy kids even comment on this in one book, when one says that he's surprised that they made it to the end of the book without going "Oh no! Of course, they don't really. At the end, just when George and Harold comment on how everything is back to normal , the radioactive leftovers that powered the Turbo-Toilet bring to life an army of talking toilets, prompting an "Oh, no!

When the killer toilets interrupt Mr. Krupp's dinner date, he shouts " Check, Please! The first three books came and it was quite a gripping story that seemed to lead to a happy ending. But then along came Green where Thomas is sent back in time to have another chance to set things right, to the beginning of book 1, with the condition that his memories of what is to happen are erased.

Effectively crating a loop, for without the knowledge of what is to happen, he is bound to make the same choices. In-universe example: The Dragaera novels are set in an empire governed in accordance with the Cycle, a system by which each of the 17 Houses rules in turn.