Pele, Volcano Goddess of Hawai‘i: A History

Pele, Goddess of Fire
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Upon awakening, Pele sent Hi'iaka to convince Lohi'au to come to her. The sisters extracted vows from each other: Hi'iaka promised not to encourage Lohi'au should he become attracted to her and in return, Pele promised to contain her fires and lava flows so as not to burn a grove of flowering ohi'a trees where Hi'iaka danced with her friend Hopoe.

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On Kaua'i, Hi'iaka found that Lohi'au had died of grief after Pele disappeared, but the graceful younger sister was able to restore his spirit to his body, bringing him back to life. Together, the two of them began the journey to the Big Island, but Pele's suspicious nature got the best of her. Because forty days had passed since Hi'iaka had set out on her assigned mission, Pele decided she had been betrayed, and so sent a flood of lava into Hi'iaka's 'ohi'a-lehua grove, killing Hopoe in the process. When Hi'iaka saw the smoldering trees and her dancing friend entombed in lava, she flung herself into the arms of Lohi'au.

Pele, Volcano Goddess of Hawaii, 2nd Edition

In retribution, Pele set lose another stream of lava, which killed the mortal Lohi'au, but Hi'iaka, a goddess, could not be destroyed. The legend has a happy ending, however, as yet another brother of Pele's, Kane-milo-hai, reached out and caught Lohi'au's spirit when he saw it floating past his canoe. He restored the spirit to Lohi'au's body, and once again, the chief was brought back to life.

Hi'iaka and Lohi'au returned to Kaua'i to live contentedly. Legends about Pele, her rivals and her lovers abound.

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Most of the lovers she took were not lucky enough to escape with their lives when she hurled molten lava at them, trapping them in odd misshapen pillars of rock that dot volcanic fields to this day. One lover who proved a match for Pele was Kamapua'a, a demi-god who hid the bristles that grew down his back by wearing a cape. The pig god could also appear as a plant or as various types of fish.

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He and Pele were at odds from the beginning; she covered the land with barren lava, he brought torrents of rain to extinguish her fires and called the wild boars to dig up the land, softening it so seeds could grow. Pele and Kamapua'a raged against each other until her brothers begged her to give in, as they feared Kamapua'a's storms would soak all the fire sticks and kill Pele's power to restore fire. In Puna, at a place called Ka-lua-o-Pele, where the land seems torn up as if a great struggle had taken place, legend says Kamapua'a finally caught and ravaged Pele.

The two remained tempestuous lovers, it is said, until a child was born, then Kamapua'a sailed away and Pele went back to her philandering ways.

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Pele's greatest rival was Poliahu, goddess of snow-capped mountains, and a beauty who, like Pele, seduced handsome mortal chiefs. Pele's jealousy flamed after she had a fling with a fickle young Maui chief named 'Ai-wohi-ku-pua, as he was traveling to the Big Island to court a mortal chiefess, Laie. Paddling along the Hana Coast, 'Ai-wohi-ku-pua saw Pele in human form as a beauty named Hina-i-ka-malama, riding the surf.

He paused for a brief affair. Then he went on to the Big Island, where Poliahu seduced him. He convinced his personal goddess to release him from his promise to his first love, and went back to Kaua'i with the snow goddess.

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But we seldom hear about her trip to Hawaii, or why she came here in the first place, or with whom or how she traveleld. I dreamed this painting. Over a series of weeks, various images came to me, which I then painted the next day. The painting started out vertical, and after 7 versions, I suddenly saw it horizontal, so I turned it. Another 2 versions, and Pele was happy — this one feels Right.

Fire Goddess

I knew I had to paint this in a very simple, powerful and direct manner — this is no nice-nice fairy tale to be told in glossy fancy-terms with decorative swirls and flamboyant extras! So I have portrayed her on her way to the Hawaiian islands, on a search for a new home. Kanehekili thunder Kapohoikahiola explosions Keuaakepo showers of fire and Keoahikamakaua spears of lava that escape from fissures during eruptions , …but when you look at her firey hair, you know they are there behind her.

Out of respect for this brother, to this day, Pele never allows clouds of volcanic steam to touch his cliff.

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From boom to bust —to 'let's just exist. As the first shy droplets of rain begin to fall, Aheahe tells me that Kukuihaele's persistence to survive—from two devastating tsunamis and the collapse of the Honoka'a Sugar Company's mill —is more a reflection of the people who chose to stay. I even tried living in Honolulu after college," Aheahe confesses.

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It's home. Later we head to the heart of Waipi'o Valley, where the twisting road soon gives way to an ocean-side gorge shaped like an amphitheatre.

Known as the 'Valley of the Kings,' the area was also the boyhood home of King Kamehameha; and the place where he was bestowed with invincible powers by the war god, Kula'ilimoku. Over a Kona coffee at the Last Chance Store, a passing visitor from O'ahu tells me the ominous myth of the "night marchers" — the ghosts of fallen warriors who blaze across the valley's ancient battlefields with their fiery torches shouting angry chants.

Aheahe also nods. It is a story he knows very well. O n a windy afternoon, I find myself back in Kailua-Kona wandering the oceanfront, bathed in sea spray and tropical scent. I drift back in time with King Kamehameha's descendants—when the ancient pulse of the Big Island took hold of their souls. In my dream-like state, I see an exotic hula dancer at the foot of Halemaumau Crater near Kilauea's summit; her long black hair adorned with red-flamed hibiscus; the colour of the volcano's mercurial disposition.

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Amid the seductive flames of tiki torches and beating drums, she is paying homage to the Hawai'ian gods through her graceful movements, and to the time when the capricious and passionate Pele walked the earth. The Volcano Goddess would be pleased. Hawaiian Airlines is Hawai'i largest and longest serving airline and operates direct, daily non-stop services aboard its A fleet from Sydney to Honolulu and four times weekly from Brisbane. The Hilton Waikoloa Village's oceanfront resort is located on the Kohala Coast in Hilo and offers myriad amenities and activities including the luxurious Kohala Spa where guests can indulge in hydrotherapy treatments and holistic massages, and a host of classic Luau experiences. Along with airport transfers 30 minutes from Kona, just over an hour from Hilo , other concierge services include volcano and wildlife excursions, helicopter tours and a vast array of ocean activities including snorkelling and surfing.

Guests can also earn points on Hilton's HHonors program. August I am following in the footsteps of Hawai'i's great monarchs and the island's first missionaries who settled in Kailua-Kona, a seaside town on the Kona Coast.