Nasty Secrets (A short story)

Nasty Secret Part 2
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Her hunkered form stayed that way for a few seconds before straightening back up. She sucked in a deep breath, put her hands on her lower back and shuffled into our yard.


I think somethings wrong, she said. The dirt had been washed off of her teeth, but it stayed in the spaces between them and crusted on her lips.

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I think this baby might be coming. Well, come on in, I guess. I flattened my back against the open door and let her walk past me into the house and told her to have a seat while I went to get Mama. Out in the barn, I found Mama tending to a new calf and told her Gladys was in the house moaning that she thought the baby was coming.


She stopped and gave me a nod as her tongue slipped through her lips and made a muddy path around her mouth. It made mealtime an adventure. It was a pretty good read for a short story! He meets them in a Sicilian resort hotel. It is funny, if somewhat slight, after the darkness of the other stories. Click below to read the top five stories coming soon. I figured out the twist, but my mouth still flew open when the author revealed it!!

Mama tightened her lips, shook her head and said, Good lord. Come on, you might as well find out how to birth a baby now as later. She patted the calf and wiped her hands on a towel. Inside, we found Gladys sprawled out on the threadbare couch, one arm over her forehead the other hanging off the side.

I hooked her under one of her shoulders and Mama hooked her under the other, and we took her to my room. We lowered her onto the bed and Mama put her hand on Gladys forehead. How long you been having these pains? Mama rummaged around in the trunk at the end of my bed and pulled out an old nightgown.

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Here, Gladys, put this on. May Ann, come with me to gather up supplies.

A heavy sigh passed through her lips. Mama put her finger on her chin the way she always did when she was making a list in her head. May Ann, go get some scissors and put them under the mattress, and then tie a knot in the corner of the sheet. The scissors will help cut the pain and tying a knot in the sheet will help tie it off. Mama scurried around the kitchen gathering pans and cloths.

This girls going to need all the help she can get. Now, go on, do as I say.

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Jasmine has a good thing going with her boyfriend, Nathan. He is a hardworking man and gives her anything she wants. Well almost anything there's one thing. Nasty Secrets (A short story) - Kindle edition by La'Tonya West. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

Gladys bellowed out in pain. I opened the drawer and pulled the scissors out. Gladys squirmed around on the bed. Her fists clutched at the bed sheets and tears rolled from her closed eyes. She looked miserable. I slipped to the end of the bed and slid the scissors under the mattress, and then I tied a knot in the corner of the sheet just like Mama said.

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Gladys, Mama said in the same soft voice she used when one of us younguns was sick. Try to relax and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. We took turns wiping her forehead and doing what we could for the pain. I wondered when the scissors and the knot in the sheet would start working. Gladys moaned and wailed off and on all day. Mama left me with her from time to time while she tended to things around the house.

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Once, when Gladys was between contractions, I asked her, Are you happy about having a baby? Afternoon faded into evening and the contractions started coming faster. I brought an empty pan to the kitchen to refill with water and sat down at the table with Mama, exhausted.

Gladys screamed and Mama and me hurried into the room together. Polk, Sgt. Vagueness of purpose leaves space for precision of detail.

"Dirty Little Secrets"

Lindsey populates his scenes with unsparing images, sharp enough to draw blood — or at least to stop a conversation in its tracks. Or did you burn other girls? Male veterans never miss the opportunity to revisit their trauma or to console themselves with a brotherhood that understands killing, heartbreak, terror and torture. They believe they have every detail of war covered until Colleen gives her own blow-by-blow account of friendly fire. The search for one unifying narrative or unadulterated purpose both centers and decenters the lives of these veterans, male and female alike. The protagonists in these stories reappear as minor characters in other stories, linking the narratives in a web of acquaintances and relationships.

But none of them ever reaches a final destination or finds their way back to the cause, or to the grand narratives of yesterday. Instead they linger in the present moment — in the vividness of detail: beautiful, innocent or violent — and search out some hope and honesty there. The traumatized veteran knows these states are illusions.

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