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How to make high quality voice recordings using your smartphone

Ok I Agree Learn More. Download APK The description of VoiceOver NB: Please note this app does not support video VoiceOver or video processing Are you looking for powerful audio recorder, editor app which helps you to sing better? Do you want to make your audio message more effective by adding background music?

Do you want add sound to image make video of it. Do you want to sing along with background track Or adjust pitch, add echo, reverb, adjust gain?

Phone tape:

iVoiceover, Super. Simple. Recording. - Kindle edition by Erik J. Martin, Jamie Blythe Martin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Excellent book on techniques for recording auditions for VO on an iOS device. The author does an excellent job of describing the steps using the Twisted Wave .

It provides multitude of features so that you can sing better and sound amazing. We also provide feature which enable our user to download free image straight from application and crate great video from recording. We want our user focus on their creativity and let us take care about technical challenge.

1. Get in the zone

You can Record new audio or load from library and apply various audio enhancement filter and effects which includes equalizer, echo, reverb, manage gain, shift pitch, Time Stretch. You can add pleasant background to your recording to make it more colorful and delightful.

Basic Feature: Simple Audio Recorder 1. Record voice and save it with good compression. Soak it all in! I like my new iPad Pro for saving on printer ink. Pynwheel Orientation and Tutorial. Two business owners working out of their garage are so impressed with Constant Contact's email marketing, they can feel it in their heart chakras. The service allows them to send out targeted emails to lists of herbalists, crystal collectors and aromatherapy lovers, to drive results.

When a delivery Voice actors and singers! This is for you!

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Various jobs over the past year! New commercial video demo!

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VoiceOver - Record and Do More.

True Love. I will start using it.

The description of VoiceOver

Eric Dahlberg. However, the absolute 1 must-have for voice over is iZotope RX. Originally Posted by Eric Dahlberg. Yes, I do have RX and it is able to get rid of the noise. I am using SM7B with cloudlifter. Another option for reducing room sound is SPL de-verb, which is, as I understand it, just the sustain part of their Transient Designer.

Voice recorder app running on the phone:

It may also be read live for events such as award presentations. A microphone, sometimes referred to as a mike or mic, is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal. The V4 U does indeed have a small-diaphragm capsule architecture. They may not be able to do it right away, but a good studio or agent that wants to see you succeed will give you copies of your recordings. The result is a microphone with outstandingly detailed resolution in the higher frequency range and a dense and substantial bass range without the diffuse dip in the upper middle-frequency range, which one often encounters in microphones in this price range. The microphone performs superbly for speech recording, especially with the B6 large-diaphragm capsule. The interior design includes elastic suspension to protect from mechanical vibraton.

It's super simple, relatively cheap, very effective for mild-modest cases, and not as fussy as some other deverb plugins. Late MacPro5,1 2. Can only agree to the recommendations already mentioned.

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Voxbox was to soft. Vision brought my voice nicely forward especially the SM7B can only benefit from the modern, clean forwarding sound. Went with the Vision and never regreted doing so. It's a winner with the S7MB and very easy to dial in, plus the gate has a lot of options to get a proper gated VO recording from the start.

I do two radio shows a week and lots of voice overs. It sounds big and lively.

2. Hack your bedroom

Tried others and they don't give me that crisp clean radio voice.