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How to help your child become an independent reader
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Reading suggestion engines — on Pinterest by Joyce Valenza. ATN reading lists — read alikes. One of the best ways to encourage your children to read is to give them plenty of reading, which is fun. Light reading often leads to heavier reading once the reading habit is formed. The 10 rights are:. Help your child figure out his or her interests by asking these questions: If a book were written just for you, what would it be about? If you could be an expert on any subject, what would it be?

What are two things you are really curious about? How to make puppets — 6 ideas using everyday materials to make puppets. Web 2.

Teens are faced with multiple screen based distractions such as social media, gaming and television and more traditional demands for their time e. It's more important than ever to support and encourage them to read for pleasure.


Reading together is fun and helps build relationships. Allyson says:. Reading itself is fun and should be enjoyed but when there is no interest it could be a problem. My home library — author Anne Fine shares tips and free bookplates, created by notable children's book illustrators, which you can use to create a sense of ownership in new or secondhand books. Learning English will be easier if he or she can read in the language that is recognized first in your household. To further assist families who are looking for that next great read-aloud for their children, try some of the resources below: Jim Trelease's The Read-Aloud Handbook — This gem of a resource, first written by Jim Trelease in , is currently in its seventh edition.

Not only for the significant educational benefits but as a highly effective way of relaxing and building empathy. How parents can encourage teens to read — information from the Adolescent Literacy organisation. Engaging teens with reading.

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Booktrust — Get Dad's Reading. Getting the blokes on board pdf, 5. Jim Trelease — a well-known and passionate advocate for reading aloud to children. Love my books — a UK site which brings together brilliant books with creative reading activities. Reading connects family involvement toolkit pdf, 5. Top Tips for engaging Dads is a one-page summary of great tips.

Words for Life website — from the UK Literacy Trust gives you an idea of what communication milestones your baby and child might reach as they grow. There are ideas for fun activities you can do together to help your children develop their skills. World of Possible — has resources including book lists, tips for reading with your children and a blog. Reading Rockets — find great kids books and authors.

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Helping Your Child Become a Reader includes information about why and how to use language skills (talking and listening, reading, and writing)to help young. U.S. Department of Education. Office of Communications and Outreach. Helping Your Child Become a Reader. Washington, D.C., To order copies of this.

Download the following brochures for tips and strategies for reading together with your children with the emphasis on reading for pleasure and listening to your child read. Guidelines for listening to children read docx, KB. Help your child become a reader — English pdf, 1. Help your child become a reader — Samoan pdf, KB. Help your child become a reader — Tongan pdf, B. Help your child become a reader — Niuean pdf, KB.

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Find out how you can support and encourage your children and teenagers to read for pleasure. This is one of the most powerful ways of improving their literacy, learning, and wellbeing. Help your child become a reader As a reading role model, you have a big influence on your child's or teenager's interest in reading outside of school. Children familiar with books and stories before they start school are better prepared to cope with formal literacy teaching. Reading together is fun and helps build relationships. Books contain new words that will help build your child's language and understanding.

When students read for pleasure they are likely to read more frequently and gain all the benefits of enhancing their literacy skills, learning outcomes, empathy, social skills and wellbeing. Create a reading culture at home The same elements described in a school's reading culture apply at home — children and young adults read more when they: are read to — even when they can read themselves see adults around them reading, demonstrating reading as part of their everyday lives have access to books — a plentiful and varied selection of resources.

Communicate with school staff To help support your child with reading, liaise with your child's teacher and school library staff. Also the types of literacy experiences and activities that take place in your home and community and where you get books, magazines, multimedia and digital resources.

This information will help teachers and the school library provide inclusive literacy programmes and appropriate forms of reading material. Share success stories about your child's reading mileage, enjoyment, and involvement in any community activities, such as public library holiday programmes and literacy events. Find out the benefits of reading for pleasure and ways you can support your child.

This can range from reading with your children at home and by engaging in reading, writing and oral language activities in the classroom and library.

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Ask teachers and library staff for advice and support with any queries, such as tips for reading aloud, other reading strategies and reading recommendations. The most obvious step [to creating readers] is to provide access to books. Borrowing books and other resources There are lots of options for borrowing books instead of buying them.

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Increase your knowledge of children's literature, ask for reading recommendations about authors, titles, genres and popular non-fiction. Use your public library — explore the range of resources e.

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Also look at the Ministry of Education's list of groups that provide library resources and digital collections for students with special education learning needs. Even after your kids learn to read, continue reading to them. Older children also like to be read to. It motivates them to read more on their own. Make sure kids have lots of books to choose from. Take them to the public library to pick out their own books and encourage them to use the school library.

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Sometimes it takes a while to find books that really click with children. Once you do, however, your children will be on their way to becoming better readers for life. Kids with the right books will fall in love with reading. Give it time. About Us.


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