Discovering and Maximizing Your Gifts, Talents and Calling

Maximizing Your Strengths
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Social circles and even in your church ministry if you belong to one If you enjoy reading, a good starting point in… Discovering your talents and gifts is to read… Let us take the next minute to go thru some simple questions to… Are you very good with details and… Do you pay close attention… While photographing or doing videography? Are you great at building things with your hands? The list is endless… Coupled with the target audience you have on your heart such as… I look forward to know what yours are… : All you got to do is be gentle with yourself and… If you have an opportunity to use them every single day, all the better!

As we close this episode… Let me share some worthy quotes… They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?

How to Identify and Maximize Your Professional Strengths

And uses these skills to accomplish his goals. Thank You For Reading.. Want To Connect? But my discomfort leading up to that moment and throughout those five minutes on stage was not quickly forgotten. Thinking back on all the stress I experienced in connection to that speech makes me wonder why I ever continued on in that sphere.

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For more information, text or call : God-given talents and abilities come first. Latest tweets Tweets by pauljsohn. Apr 16, Jeff Noble added it. Why not share!

Why am I a public speaker today? What motivated me to press on? Why do I absolutely love what I do now but feared so much back then? I was given a special oratory part for a choir program. I started teaching school and coaching my students in how to give effective speeches.

I preached at the local church I attended.

The Difference Between a Talent and a Spiritual Gift, Clearly Explained

I got involved in prison ministry and spoke to inmates from the platform. All this happened before I had discerned a life career.

Why God Wants You To Discover Your Strengths | Paul Sohn

Did I just wake up one day and decide to be a public speaker? Did my awareness of God utilizing this gift within me come into sharp focus in a moment? No, not at all. In fact, just the opposite. I more or less grew into it.

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My fear of audiences slowly faded. My speaking style morphed over time into what it is today.

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Oh, I still get nervous sometimes before getting on stage. I still quake a little at the fear of failure. And I certainly still have a great amount to work on in developing my speaking skills and presentations.

I read books on communication. I both listen to and watch great communicators on DVD.

I also constantly seek feedback on my presentations. God orchestrated various events throughout my childhood and adolescence to bring me to this point. I clearly know that this is the talent he has called me to utilize for His glory. He requires that I not bury it, that I not waste it. When we neglect our God-given capacity, when we refuse to maximize our God-given potential, it is wickedness in the sight of God. Did you catch that? Sometimes sins of omission are just as great as sins of commission. Every one of us has potential. Every one of us has a God-given talent that He wants to maximize for His glory.

And to not utilize it or develop it to its full capacity is wicked. So what is your gift? Have you discovered it? If so, what are you doing with it? For example, that you have many trials!

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Click to listen to an audio recording of this article about the parable of the talents, read by the author. In the parable of the talents Matthew , Jesus tells about a master who gave each of his servants a different number of talents a sum of money to look after. The intention was that they should gain a profit for the master with what had been entrusted them. The talents in the parable are generally said to be our abilities and strong points, like when we say that somebody is very talented.

This personality?

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These abilities? This family? These circumstances? Can I see that they are talents that have been entrusted to me? Trials and hardships, or good times and prosperity are all opportunities that God has entrusted to me personally! God trusts me to use these possibilities to come to development and growth and gain eternal content, and He has given me the tools to do so. If I am willing, God gives me His Word to teach me what to do, and the Holy Spirit to give me the strength to carry it out. Jesus has gone ahead as a forerunner to show me the way. In the parable, the servants had to give account for the talents entrusted to them.

How to Identify and Maximize Your Professional Strengths

Two of them had managed them wisely, so they had gained a profit. This can be compared to using my circumstances to gain eternal riches. The profit He expects in return is that sin is eradicated piece by piece in my life, and that it is replaced with a new creation: virtues, the fruit of the Spirit Galatians , eternal life John ; Romans , and above all, that through all these things, God is glorified by my body and my situations. Enter into the joy of your lord. However, the third servant, who had received one talent, had hidden it in the ground and had nothing to show for what had been given in his care.