Devil Cant Cook Spagetti, The: Using Faith to Overcome Fear

The Devil Can't Cook Spaghetti
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To allow abundance or to allow to be paid for your services really always boiled down to your worthiness and how you perceive your value.

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It feels very congruent. It feels very aligned. I know, the name is kind of funny but the book is really good. She talks about EFT like every other page. Olga:: Right. What she does with her clients is she does EFT to clear all those blocks. She does an amazing job in going into how to hunt for those. This is something that I do with my private clients in sessions as well.

Forgiveness in anything and everything in your life. These two are not even connected. When you forgive certain people, places, situations in your life, you release some of the emotional attachments — or those triggers — that really drains your energy, really drains your energy into that direction. You have freedom and space and creativity to go where you want to go. You also start feeling worthy.

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You also start feeling worthy of receiving that abundance. If you guys have this challenge in your life, start charging for your services, raising your prices. I highly recommend picking up that book and starting to use EFT on that. I love that. Olga:: Yeah. Another piece that I wanted to share with you — and this one I personally find the trickiest. Fear of choosing the smaller group of people that you can serve, whose problem you can solve and whose language you speak.

But, if you go there, nobody — I mean, literally, nobody — is in a niche at all. Notice that fear. Notice how it comes up in your life. Within CBD, Racheal did some amazing work on guiding people on how to find it and how to build your business around it and how to benefit from it.


Racheal:: I love that. She was talking about relationships; she was talking about health; she was talking about getting what you want and manifesting anything you want. Like Olga just said, I did a webinar on this about not being just another vanilla coach, another vanilla yoga teacher, another vanilla healthcare practitioner.

Ultimately, if you want to get paid for what you do, people pay for results. If you become bland and vanilla, people have a hard time seeing that you will get them results. Am I really ready to change that? We discussed with Racheal that this fear comes on different levels. When you are just starting out, what I noticed is it shows up very often in our way of procrastinating.

Start noticing those little pieces and the resistance behind it. One of the best ways that I helped myself overcome that is I start flexing that muscle. Choose little commitments to where you can get out there and do those things where you are in front of the people, bringing or delivering this beautiful message of yours or this service of yours or any other way that you serve people.

Just start noticing this discomfort. Then, it appeared for me as my business has hit this new level and now I am getting seen and it really hit me when I got my first big dose of criticism in the last year. This is all around being seen. You might not see all of these things coming up right now. It might just be one; it might not be any.

Well said. Thank you, Racheal. The last piece that I want to talk to you about, guys, before we move onto the tapping part is the Fear of Failure. Of course, the Fear of Judgement and Criticism are very, very closely connected. I want to speak about this a little bit more because there is a specific way you can use EFT to clear that one. What happens often in our lives is that as we have different experiences, we accumulate certain results or certain ways to reacting.

I remember that webinar. Nobody was there. It was so embarrassing. It was so horrible. What do I do? I came across this similar scenario in my business and I want to give this example to you to see if you can resonate to something like that.


Or maybe you put yourself out there and not many people showed up. This is what happened with me. About a year or so ago, I started doing seminars here in Houston — this is where I am. It had been going really great at the beginning. I had some people who would come to free seminars just to share with people what EFT is and how to use it.

There was a couple of times when I barely had any people show up. It was every third Wednesday and I was so excited and I would come and there was like one or two people.

A couple of times there was nobody. At some point, I decided that this is not something I want to continuing doing and I started doing something else, I joined CBD and all. But, the message in that was really, really beautiful.

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First of all, it gave me an opportunity to learn speaking with people and speaking in front of the public. I definitely was flexing that muscle of being seen. The second beauty of it was that I learned how to put all that information together and deliver it, not just doing one-on-one training. I had a lot of beautiful gifts from that experience.

Now, I also had some pain of rejection and abandonment when I came in and nobody was there. I got a babysitter. I prepared. I needed to take some time to clear these past failures which, as you can see, are not really failures. It was a beautiful one and it brought me a lot of gifts. That was huge.

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Twenty people showed up and, I think, five people signed up for working with me, which was an amazing success. I really had to go back and rewrite those memories in terms of release the pain, release the worry and stress and just leave things that I want to keep. This is something that you can use EFT for in your journeys. Start noticing what kinds of things that you learned from that experiences; what kind of gifts that you gained.

Then you can use EFT to clear the rest. Racheal:: I love that you brought up your seminar experience to launching a webinar because this is something I see with a lot of my clients. Some of them have been doing this for a while. The reason is — just like Olga just said — you learn so much from the first time. The first time is going to suck. The first pancake is not going to be perfect. You just have to get in that state of mind. But the next time it gets easier. Just keep that in mind. Not doing that again. But, give it a few times. Olga:: This is amazing. So right on.

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Larry Berliner. In just a couple of sentences, what happens in your body when you tap? We have to receive by putting faith in the grace of God. Apostle Dale will step out in apostolic ministry. University of California Press. In the Oxford Handbook of Atheism , according to Thomas Zenc the four books were published during a time of intense debate on political, religious and sociological questions.

What I wanted to share with you guys is that tapping really allows transforming those failures into feedback. This is how. You just have to start getting some new tools and bells and whistles behind your belt because those are the things that work. In a couple of words, Faster EFT is based on the acupressure points, which are at the endpoints of your meridians. Now, Chinese have used it for years and they work and they never question it. I wanted to mention that Gary Craig, who is the founder of EFT, when he started using this modality — I think it was in like the s — his mailing list grew from zero to a million.

A million people in one year. Because people started sharing it. He put out the manual out there, people read it, it was totally free and they started using it. It absolutely works. What I wanted to encourage you guys is that if you are in a room, you can go ahead and close the door. This is just too weird. Right now, when I work with my math students, we tap in Barnes and Noble and Starbucks and we did this and nobody even looks at us. I see the world where people tap and release emotions and clear out their emotional baggage as part of their routine, just like brushing teeth or flossing.

Do you have one in mine, Racheal, that you want to work on or we can just choose something to walk people through. If you are in that place to where you are starting to figure out what kind of a skill to choose to focus on or, if you have multiple talents, which one to go in that direction. Or any other ways to make a choice, go ahead and step in there. As you go there, just close your eyes for a second and start feeling what comes up. Maybe some tightness in your chest.

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Maybe something on your shoulders or in your stomach. Notice those sensations. Also, you might have some memories or pictures in your mind. Just go with me this first round. You cannot do it wrong. Just follow along, say what I say and do what I do. Focus on that sensation. I close my eyes and I start thinking about it. Go ahead and pick your thing; something that you want to choose. Notice the sensations. I feel my breathing pattern change. This sensation. The reaction. Those feelings. Whatever it represents. All the fears. All the worries. Wherever it comes from.

Olga:: Peace is really something that I relate to feeling good, to some kind of a good relaxed emotion. What happens in that moment is that as you stimulate those acupressure points, they physically send an energetic signal. Now, they also did a research on how your body reacts to those signals. In that clinical research, they just did an experiment to where they had people talk about their problems like we do in counseling or in therapy and then they had people talk and tap at the same time.


The Devil Can't Cook Spaghetti: Using Faith to Overcome Fear [Michael Essany] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Part memoir, part. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. A simple and straightforward faith-based approach to anxiety, The Devil Can't Cook Spaghetti is a read that some will find .

They sent their results back and they had them retested. The second time they did it, it was the same result. It was really, really bizarre, but obviously working in terms of how your body reacts. In just a couple of sentences, what happens in your body when you tap? When you send those signals to those body organs, you kind of relax them. While some believe that how we're raised primarily determines who we become as individuals, what we're afraid of often has an even greater influence. The innumerable fears born of life's uncertainties, a search for sanity and success in a self-imposed world of unrelenting fears ultimately led the author down a path of personal growth, spiritual revival, and a renewed outlook on the beauty of existence, the power of God's love, and the often misunderstood role played by fear in one's life.

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