Catch the Sparrow

WCS Multi-Catch Sparrow Trap
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Poems Find and share the perfect poems. On the Sparrow: No Blame.

When I worked in the steel mill the ceiling crane dropped a bolt at my feet the way the cat leaves his catch on the doorstep for me to step over it a bolt thick as a sparrow: the gift of it: it didn't easy as eggshell crack my skull. Walking underneath the el's same bridge superstructure when i first arrived in Chicago this is what I thought of a falling bolt, having to give up my cats and not be mad if the whole thing falls off track aimed at me.

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Buildings straight up from the street tall slough off their "Falling Ice," stand-up sidewalk signs like it's nothing. Buildings the sparrow's slam into, fall from— watched from the window desks— mistaking light for the sky, land up here.

The cats probably have been put to sleep by age by now. No blame. Ed Roberson Nolan, The apparition of these faces in the crowd Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Teach This Poem.

The Sparrow and the Twig

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Ruby throated sparrow. Sing the song, don't be long. Thrill me to the marrow. Voices of the angels, ring around the moonlight. Asking me, said. Catch the Sparrow | Off-Off-Broadway - Buy tickets and see show information. Read news, see photos and watch videos.

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Chapter 4: The Sparrow Scouts

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